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Literary paper discussing the writing style, and influince on american Essay

Literary paper discussing the writing style, and influince on american literature of Ernest Hemingway - Essay Example Additionally, the level of focus will be provided with regards to the reinterpretation of Hemingway’s flawed hero and the profound impacts that this type of three imagination and rediscovery of the main character not only influenced upon Hemingway’s work but also has helped to redefine the way in which many other forms of American culture are expressed in exhibited to the audience. As a function of this level of analysis, it is the hope of this author that the contributions of Ernest Hemingway will be more thoroughly understood and the legacy which he has bequeathed to American literature and culture can be more fully appreciated. Firstly, in order to understand minimalism, one must look to the way in which Hemingway so oftentimes sought to represent complex human emotions or occurrences within their most basic understandings. Whereas many other renowned authors had for years attempted to express their thoughts and beliefs to the reader in terms of flowery and overly ve rbose prose, Hemingway instead opted for a basic/simplistic approach that sought to integrate the key idea with the reader in as few words as possible. This level of literary person this was not merely a simple literary technique; rather, it helped to express a profound level of emotional tenseness and also underscored the importance of level to which his prolific use of imagery and symbolism were able to convey additional meanings beyond that which the actual definitions of the words employed could. Said one scholar with regards to Hemingway’s minimalism, â€Å"Hemingway said prose is architecture and the Baroque age is over. Flaubert said close to the same thing, that words are like stones with which one builds a wall. One should be mindful of careless writers whose words have no moorings and are too slippery† (Liu 597). This lack of reliance upon a level of word complexity forced the reader to draw a further level of inference based upon the nuances of the character s that were represented and pay close and special attention to what ever aspects of imagery may represent further understood and in within the story. In such a way, rather than seeking to utilize complex language in tandem with imagery and scenery to affect a stated goal, Hemingway provided a new paradigm in which the use of warning language was reduced to the extent and obvious point in which the reader realized that the minimalism belied a more important complexity of surrounding elements that must be paid attention to. Although it cannot be argued that Ernest Hemingway somehow defined the tragic hero, it must be understood how he reanimated a uniquely American/post World War I interpretation of this hero. In nearly every single one of Hemingway’s works, the hero is something of an existential one. Drawing upon the inspiration of the philosophy and impacts of the time, Hemingway invariably represented these individuals within his stories invariably as deeply scarred individ uals that exhibit psychological ones of posts romance and past experience with relation to violence (Brogan 122). This representation of the hero was undoubtedly affected due to the fact

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